International One Design

The International One Design (IOD) is a class of sailboat designed for yacht racing. It is a 33-foot, open cockpit day sailer. The ‘one design’ principle was created to put competing yacht crews on equal footing as far as equipment is concerned. The International One Design Class Association was created in 1946 to protect the guidelines and standards of the class. All IOD boats, therefore, require certification by the Association. Currently there are only a few authorized builders of IOD sailboats, the majority of which build with fiberglass, as opposed to wood.

In August 2009, Tern Boatworks, launched its first wooden International One Design. Tern worked closely with the International One Design World Association to ensure that the boat was built according to the class specifications. In October, the IOD World Association travelled to the boat yard to take measurements from the boat for certification prior to the next race season.

The boat was built, using white oak for the backbone and framing, quarter-sawn douglas fir for the planking and it was fastened with bronze. The IOD was built to its original 1936 drawings and all of the bronze hardware was custom fabricated for the owners by Gilbert and Thompson Manufacturing, a foundry closely affiliated with Tern Boatworks.

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Photos courtesy of Jonathan Creaser (Leonard Graphic)

Photos courtesy of Kelly Keddy -