Key Personnel

Key Personnel: Bruce Thompson on the right, Neil Joyce in the left.

Bruce Thompson (owner)

Since he was sixteen years old, Bruce has been an avid boatbuilder. He launched his first boat, a trimaran he built in his parents garage, before he graduated high school. He has since worked in the Nova Scotian boatbuilding industry, slowly fostering his love for wooden boats. After many years of working for other yards he decided to start his own business. The company began as a one man operation, however recent success and increasing demand resulted in the business expanding.

Neil Joyce

Neil joined the Tern Boatworks team in 2008. Neil, a graduate of the Apprentice Shop in Maine, worked with several other boat yards prior to making the move to Tern. Neil was able to utilize his traditional boatbuilding skills when he came aboard to assist with the construction of the new wooden IOD Enigma. Since the construction of Enigma, Neil has worked on many major projects and in addition has put his excellent public relation skills to good use, helping to promote the business at several International Boat Shows.